A Shaman's Guide to Deep Beauty

Inner Compass Inner Medicine
Francis Rico and Desda Zuckerman
Teaching Together for the first time

Desda Zuckerman – Author, Your Sacred Anatomy; Founder, Core Individuation
California Oak – Mother of Acorns, Habitat for birds, lichen, and squirrels
Francis Rico Hayhurst – Author, A Shaman’s Guide to Deep Beauty; Producer/Director, Shamanzone
Two contemporary shamanic leaders share their paradigm shifting vision of how to work with the Earth to heal your life!

Join Desda, Mother Nature and Frank for an amazing day-long experiential workshop and join the EarthAction Tribe.

Laugh and learn in this day-long workshop while we share a powerful self-healing tool engaging ancient knowledge, symbols and practices. See what your own Inner Compass reveals about your direction in life, who you are now, and who you can become.

Get right with mom– Honor your true relationship with the Earth
Meet your inner Sage and broaden deep Intuitive Wisdom
Uncover your Hidden Treasures—Empowered Resources
Bring your ancient Shaman into today’s world
Access your Inner Medicine for healing in all areas of your life
This class is a preview of the NEW Spring 2014 EarthAction Tribe Series! (Starts April 5th).

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Time: 10am – 4pm
Location: Novato, CA
Bring your own bag lunch.

All classes are audio taped and often filmed. These recordings are copyrighted. You will be asked to sign a waiver to give permission for your image, voice or words to be used to benefit humanity with this work.

Register Now
$150 registration
Deposit of $100 to hold your space
$50 non-refundable admin fee

Refund Policy:  For all deposits and pre-payments: all funds will be refunded up to 1 week before the class except for a $50 administrative fee.

Call- 415-203-3334

This class is a preview of the NEW Spring 2014 EarthAction Tribe Series! (Starts April 5th).

EarthAction Tribe
This is not an organization, it is an organism.

We have lost connection and are all seeking a sense of belonging. EarthAction Tribe answers this need and it is
 a global necessity. We step forward as brothers and sisters to take responsibility for our shared home, our earth.

We need each other:

Love and laughter are central to all of our actions.
We seek to co-create a healthy and sustainable world.
We honor all beings.
We respect our origins and recognize that we are all one tribe indigenous to Earth. Call to EarthAction

Become a tribe member. Take a path to initiation. Belong to a community that cares and values your contribution.  Share powerful tools to sustain a more joyous life. Celebrate your time and talent.

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