A Shaman's Guide to Deep Beauty

Winter Solstice

cosmic hands

“You’ve got the whole world in your hands, you got the whole wide world, in your hands…”

Dear Friends, 

The 2013 Winter Solstice is at 9:11AM PST, on Saturday December 21.

If we could say everything there is to say about this Solstice all at once, it would be: 

It’s here! It’s now! It’s love, destiny, ignition, evolution – and about time!


Got that?

If you’d like a little more back-story on the amazing gift that is being offered to us, let’s get down to business:

You literally do have the whole world in your hands.

And the time has arrived for us to creatively shape a new world of abundance, peace, and joy – by collaborating with Great Spirit.

This is simply the truth.

But for you to directly experience your awesome abilities as a co-creator of “reality,” it will take stepping out of linear time into the field of the eternal – into the field of infinite possibility. 

How do we “step out”? 

By aligning ourselves with the doors of perception that open into the infinite.  Let’s take a sneak peak  – let’s look, right now, together, OK?


We are the “Vast Self.”  You are it.  All of it.  The One.

Isn’t this great?

We are the Vast Self that brings the gift of ignition – the Holy Fire from the center of being – to ourselves, here in this field of limitations.

So, let’s do it!

On this Saturday morning, join with your family and friends – your community – outside, in a place of wild beauty. Get out under the wide open sky!  Hey – I know your back yard is sacred too – and so are the cement sidewalks of the big city.  Wherever you are, find a place to gather outside.  And if you’re by yourself, you’re with us all in Spirit.

Together, gather in a circle.  Everyone is essential.  Turn together to the directions – recognizing and welcoming all aspects of being, including our bodies, our emotions, our minds, our spirits. Include all our relations – all creatures that we share life with here on planet earth. 

Turn to the center, and move to silence together.  With everyone’s support, allow yourself to open to the deep resonant notes of the harmony of the Universe – the wild song of the cosmos – the song we sing to ourselves.

Then, bring that Presence back to what we call this “normal reality”  – and begin to reshape and redirect the energy of being into the creation of heaven on earth – start by bringing this profound encouragement to your own heart! 

Then deliver the good news to others. Celebrate!  Have snacks, hug! Create big stories of wild beauty and purpose – including a story of how we healed our species of it’s self-destructiveness using nothing but LOVE!  And with that, we loved all of life back into happiness.

With gratitude for you,

Francis Rico


 If you are in Northern California, you are invited to join a group of brave celebrants on the sacred cliffs of the Bodega Headlands, overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

Bring something for the altar – herbs, a crystal, or a photo of a loved one – bring whatever you feel inspired to include.  

It could be a little windy – we’ll see – so have layers of clothing available.  Bring snacks for after ceremony sharing.

Be at the Bodega Head parking lot by no later than 8:15AM – we’re walking out to the cliff site at 8:20AM.


Comments on: "Winter Solstice" (1)

  1. Hello Francis, Thank you for having this ceremony tomorrow – it seems like an important one, an important time.

    I have been busy taking care of things inside and out.

    Rayeanna says hello – she had a cold and now has not slept well for a number of nights, or she would be there. I have not seen her for 5 weeks – schedules have not clicked.

    Looking forward to the ceremony and feeling the energy there again.

    with Love, Tomas

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