A Shaman's Guide to Deep Beauty



Join our world-wide community on November 7th by lighting a fire for the purification of the waters of life – for our oceans, our rivers, streams and lakes — as well as for the water that makes up our bodies – and also for the cosmic water of life, that flows as the light of the sun and the stars.

We do this fire ceremony to honor the request that Oceanus made of Grandfather – Beautiful Painted Arrow – in recognition that our actions have a direct influence on the well-being of all of Creation.



The “Holiday Season” is fast approaching – and sadly it has become a frenzied feast of consumerism, leaving almost everyone stressed, exhausted, and too keenly aware of wants and needs not met.

The wisdom offered to us by Grandfather Joseph Rael – Beautiful Painted Arrow – is the recognition that every day is a holy day – a “Holiday” – and every season is a gift.

“Every moment is Holy. Every moment is a prayer, every day is Sacred, every season is a gift. Celebrate it all. It is all Holy.” ~ Joseph Rael Beautiful Painted Arrow


This Holiday Season, share the gift of Grandfather’s presence by giving your family and friends a “generator of light” – a full-size 16×20 inch fine art reproduction, suitable for framing, to enhance the lives of everyone who sees it. Joseph’s art is not static – these pieces are energetically active, and bring a tremendous flow of life enhancing energy into the lives of all who live with them – they truly are a gift.

And they make a perfect gift!

The quality is exceptionally high – these could easily be sold for hundreds of dollars – and the $30 each price (shipping in the USA included) is a token that doesn’t even cover the hard costs. Everyone involved in this offering is donating their time and energy in gratitude to Grandfather.

Please send your order to Carol Beem, 6813 E 47th PL, Tulsa, OK 74145 with your check payable to Joseph Rael. Carol will send your poster to you and will forward the checks to Joseph. This is a way to continue offering support for Joseph’s work.

Contact Carol Beem at carol.beem@att.net with any questions regarding the orders. The posters are $30 each, including shipping in the United States. Shipping to the rest of the world would cost a little extra – Carol will help you figure that out.

Mother Time

This is a celebration of Mothers, and the seasons of life. Joseph teaches an ancient concept: that inside each of us we’re a mother/father person. And, at a certain age – he says 55 – we spiritually become both. He adds: “If the world were to end, except for one individual, everything would be recreated from that one person – because we are everything and nothing.”


Altar of the Mountain Lion – Mossa-neh

There is an ancient tradition that if the grandfather did something and didn’t finish, the grandson would finish it. Joseph tells a story about his grandfather taking a fresh killed deer from the Wooden Cross Mountain hunting ground, because it was winter in 1937 and the people in the Pueblo were hungry. Then, in 1980, Joseph was hunting in the same mountain area, with the elder who had been hunting that day with his grandfather. A deer offered itself, and he shot it, but instantly he heard that he was not to touch it – he offered a little cornmeal, and left it for the great grandchildren of the mountain lion his grandfather had taken the deer from.

A week later, while building a sweat lodge in Tulsa, a man approached Joseph, saying that he had a dream that instructed him to give Joseph a special mountain lion’s paw that he had. This confirmed that the offering Joseph had left had been received. Joseph suggests that we look at our lives and see where we might be completing the work of our ancestors.

He says, “Don’t worry about it! But it can help us understand how life can seem a little crazy!” Joseph adds: “This is now the time of the cat.”



Apple just announced that Joseph Rael’s masterpiece book “Sound – Native Teachings and Visionary Art of Joseph Rael” is now available as an iBook for all Apple computer users.

Previously this new interactive format was only available for iPad and iPhone users, and it has attracted world-wide interest because it includes the brilliant presentation of Joseph’s art, along with links to Joseph singing, chanting, drumming and story telling. The vibration of Grandfather infuses this new iBook format, and if you can use an Apple computer, this book is available on iTunes for $12.99.

To purchase one of the final few of the original hardcover art collector’s edition, go to http://josephrael.org.

Please feel free to contact me at francis@shamanzone.com. And go to http://shamanzone.com for more videos of Grandfather, Joseph Rael – Beautiful Painted Arrow.


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