A Shaman's Guide to Deep Beauty

Summer Solstice 2014


This Summer Solstice arrives early in the morning of Saturday June 21st  – at 3:51am Pacific Daylight Time.

This same “moment” occurs at different times around the world – it’s at 4:51am in Santa Fe, New Mexico, at 5:51am in Teotihuacan, Mexico, and at 6:51am on the East Coast. Please do take the time to figure it out for your location.

We’re being exact about this, because the gift this Solstice brings is a big healthy wave of LOVE that is so vibrantly intimate that you’d be crazy not to be present to welcome it!

But before you get all “Awwww! a gift of love!” – let me tell you, this is not that kind of love.

What is arriving is a huge burst of Creation’s ferocious love for Her children, including you!  It’s a high mega-watt jolt of primal & powerful wild love combined with a fierce motherly concern for the next steps we take here on Earth.

“She” is coming to us fully illuminated and unveiled.  Maybe it’s shocking, but it is part of our growing up, that She is revealing to us that there is, and always has been, a passionate love affair going on between light and dark.

Light and dark are not opposites – they are lovers!

Light reaches out with such tenderness into the dark, and dark holds light with a warm loving and deeply receptive embrace.

A single moment of experiencing this love reconciles differences, gives us a hug, and sends us back out to play – with the ultimate responsibility for the quality of life we co-create with each other directly in our hands, and in our hearts.

For us, here in this post-2012 era, an extension of this gift is a mandate for us to retire the old archetypes of adversarial polar opposition – of light vs. dark, good vs. evil, love vs. fear, love vs. hate, us vs. them, war and peace, and so on.  So much more could be said, but now, it is up to you.

We can create Heaven on Earth for ourselves and for others.  Starting here and now, right where we are!

Gather your friends and family together in a place of wild beauty – a place where She would enjoy meeting you – and yes, it can be outside in your back yard under the morning stars.

Then, create a simple ceremony to share this with each other – letting everyone become included and comfortable in the moment. If you are by yourself, you are included with all of us!

At the Solstice, open your arms, your hands, your mind, your heart – and simply allow this gift from the One who gives us Life to find you.

with love

Francis Rico


A very small group of early risers will gather at the sacred cliffs of Bodega Headlands – and you are invited to join us, in person, or in spirit from where ever you are.

Be at the far Bodega Head parking lot by 3:00am, we’ll walk out to the cliff site at 3:15am. Weather on the coast can be variable – bring layers of clothing, and a flashlight.

Bring something for the altar – herbs, your crystal, and perhaps a small offering of your gratitude to Her.


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Spring Equinox

The Spring Equinox arrives at 16:57UT on Thursday March 20th, 2014. That’s 9:57am here on the West Coast.

We used to think of Solstices and Equinoxes as markers in our circle around the sun – with the longest day, the longest night, and points of equal balance between light and dark in between. Round and round and round we went.

And even though, since the Winter Solstice of 2012, we’ve been catapulted into a new dimension, we’re still going round and round in our lives.

Tell me if this sounds familiar:

You are attempting to balance the all consuming needs of work, with obligations and deadlines, with the demands of family, and pets, and keeping bills paid and leaking faucets fixed, while attempting some level of quality nutrition and self-care, along with exercise to stay healthy, including a spiritual practice of some sort (maybe 30 second meditations?) and somehow, on top of all this, you long for a little fun – and at least an element of music, art and beauty in your life.

If this is even partially true for you, how do we create a balanced life?

Here’s the shocking answer:

It’s impossible!

It is our understanding of “balance” that has been askew.  As long as we think that our job is to somehow manage to “carry” the demands and burdens of our lives – and on top of that to balance the load – we will continue to struggle.

Happily, Creation is bringing a special gift with this coming Equinox – it is an opportunity to experience an ancient and very different definition of balance:  harmony.

To experience harmony it will first be necessary for us to stop going in circles. And then, second, to set our burdens down!  Let’s start by recognizing that in reality, we are not going in circles. We are spiraling around our sun.  And, our solar system is spiraling around our galactic center – and our galaxy is spiraling with other galaxies, within the expanding cosmos.

Even our DNA is a spiral!  And we are at the center of the spiral.

So, we’re not precariously balanced standing at the edge of a precipice.  We are standing smack-dab in the center of a field of infinite possibilities – as artists of spirit, capable of bringing harmony to every aspect of our lives by flowing with the beauty to be found in each moment.

Here, we discover that there has always been a love affair between light and dark, with each cherishing and embracing the other, and loving each precious moment of reunion – in harmony with each other.  This harmony is at the center of the cosmic choir of life- and finding this completely retunes our capacity to harmonize the circumstances of our lives.

The gift is here: gather with friends and family in as wild and beautiful a place as you can find.  And yes, your back yard is just fine!
Make it easy.   After talking things over, move to silence, and in the deep silence, take a step into alignment with the harmonies of Creation – these are the harmonies to be found in your own heart, harmonies that sing out pure and sweet from within the deep silence of Being.

with love and wild blessings!

Francis Rico

Inner Compass Inner Medicine
Francis Rico and Desda Zuckerman
Teaching Together for the first time

Desda Zuckerman – Author, Your Sacred Anatomy; Founder, Core Individuation
California Oak – Mother of Acorns, Habitat for birds, lichen, and squirrels
Francis Rico Hayhurst – Author, A Shaman’s Guide to Deep Beauty; Producer/Director, Shamanzone
Two contemporary shamanic leaders share their paradigm shifting vision of how to work with the Earth to heal your life!

Join Desda, Mother Nature and Frank for an amazing day-long experiential workshop and join the EarthAction Tribe.

Laugh and learn in this day-long workshop while we share a powerful self-healing tool engaging ancient knowledge, symbols and practices. See what your own Inner Compass reveals about your direction in life, who you are now, and who you can become.

Get right with mom– Honor your true relationship with the Earth
Meet your inner Sage and broaden deep Intuitive Wisdom
Uncover your Hidden Treasures—Empowered Resources
Bring your ancient Shaman into today’s world
Access your Inner Medicine for healing in all areas of your life
This class is a preview of the NEW Spring 2014 EarthAction Tribe Series! (Starts April 5th).

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Time: 10am – 4pm
Location: Novato, CA
Bring your own bag lunch.

All classes are audio taped and often filmed. These recordings are copyrighted. You will be asked to sign a waiver to give permission for your image, voice or words to be used to benefit humanity with this work.

Register Now
$150 registration
Deposit of $100 to hold your space
$50 non-refundable admin fee

Refund Policy:  For all deposits and pre-payments: all funds will be refunded up to 1 week before the class except for a $50 administrative fee.

Call- 415-203-3334

This class is a preview of the NEW Spring 2014 EarthAction Tribe Series! (Starts April 5th).

EarthAction Tribe
This is not an organization, it is an organism.

We have lost connection and are all seeking a sense of belonging. EarthAction Tribe answers this need and it is
 a global necessity. We step forward as brothers and sisters to take responsibility for our shared home, our earth.

We need each other:

Love and laughter are central to all of our actions.
We seek to co-create a healthy and sustainable world.
We honor all beings.
We respect our origins and recognize that we are all one tribe indigenous to Earth. Call to EarthAction

Become a tribe member. Take a path to initiation. Belong to a community that cares and values your contribution.  Share powerful tools to sustain a more joyous life. Celebrate your time and talent.

clouds with rain

You’re invited to an all inclusive, multi-faith, multi-cultural, multi-traditions gathering:

Sunday January 12th  – 10AM – at Bodega Headlands

For the purpose of encouraging rain to gently nourish the earth and her creatures.

Rain for the people, and all that they care-take.

            Rain for the wildlife – the fish, birds, insects, 4-leggeds.

            Rain for our streams, rivers, lakes and watersheds.

            Rain for all growing things.

            Rain to clear the air.

            Rain for the earth.

We will gather, thank Great Spirit, thank Mother Earth, and call in the blessings of the rain.  Our dance and ceremony are a message to the heart of Creation – and we will be grateful for rain whenever it comes.

 But soon would be good!

It’s suggested that you prepare yourself, beginning Friday Jan. 10th, with whatever practices you use to commune with the Sacred in your tradition.

Location: the parking lot at Bodega Head.  Please be there by 9:30AM, we start at 10:00AM. The ceremony is on a flat area, cliff side, on the trail a little south from the parking lot.

Directions: Take Highway 1 thru the town of Bodega Bay. At the north end turn left on East Shore Rd.  At the bottom of the little hill, turn right on Bay Flat Rd, past the Spud Point Marina, out to the end of the road at the cliff side parking lot.  Google Maps:  Bodega Head, Bodega Bay, CA

Instructions: Bring layers of clothing – weather can be variable.  Bring sandals or flip-flops to wear for the ceremony – it’s recommended that we stand barefoot on the land – and that we dance gently without scuffing or shredding the plants that live there. You can switch back to shoes and boots for hiking, after the ceremony.

Please bring rain-sticks, shakers, and hand drums. The event is free.

Children are welcome with adult supervision. Please do not bring your dog to the ceremony.  The Bodega Headlands is a delicate ecosystem, and dogs are not allowed – however, you can walk your dog on Doran Beach after the ceremony, and it is very dog friendly!

If you are so inclined, bring some snacks to share after the ceremony.  We’ll be done by 11:00AM and the headland trails are a pleasure to hike.

Contact:  Francis Rico at francis@shamanzone.com for more information.  Contact Francis if your organization or group would like to present a part of the ceremony.


Winter Solstice

cosmic hands

“You’ve got the whole world in your hands, you got the whole wide world, in your hands…”

Dear Friends, 

The 2013 Winter Solstice is at 9:11AM PST, on Saturday December 21.

If we could say everything there is to say about this Solstice all at once, it would be: 

It’s here! It’s now! It’s love, destiny, ignition, evolution – and about time!


Got that?

If you’d like a little more back-story on the amazing gift that is being offered to us, let’s get down to business:

You literally do have the whole world in your hands.

And the time has arrived for us to creatively shape a new world of abundance, peace, and joy – by collaborating with Great Spirit.

This is simply the truth.

But for you to directly experience your awesome abilities as a co-creator of “reality,” it will take stepping out of linear time into the field of the eternal – into the field of infinite possibility. 

How do we “step out”? 

By aligning ourselves with the doors of perception that open into the infinite.  Let’s take a sneak peak  – let’s look, right now, together, OK?


We are the “Vast Self.”  You are it.  All of it.  The One.

Isn’t this great?

We are the Vast Self that brings the gift of ignition – the Holy Fire from the center of being – to ourselves, here in this field of limitations.

So, let’s do it!

On this Saturday morning, join with your family and friends – your community – outside, in a place of wild beauty. Get out under the wide open sky!  Hey – I know your back yard is sacred too – and so are the cement sidewalks of the big city.  Wherever you are, find a place to gather outside.  And if you’re by yourself, you’re with us all in Spirit.

Together, gather in a circle.  Everyone is essential.  Turn together to the directions – recognizing and welcoming all aspects of being, including our bodies, our emotions, our minds, our spirits. Include all our relations – all creatures that we share life with here on planet earth. 

Turn to the center, and move to silence together.  With everyone’s support, allow yourself to open to the deep resonant notes of the harmony of the Universe – the wild song of the cosmos – the song we sing to ourselves.

Then, bring that Presence back to what we call this “normal reality”  – and begin to reshape and redirect the energy of being into the creation of heaven on earth – start by bringing this profound encouragement to your own heart! 

Then deliver the good news to others. Celebrate!  Have snacks, hug! Create big stories of wild beauty and purpose – including a story of how we healed our species of it’s self-destructiveness using nothing but LOVE!  And with that, we loved all of life back into happiness.

With gratitude for you,

Francis Rico


 If you are in Northern California, you are invited to join a group of brave celebrants on the sacred cliffs of the Bodega Headlands, overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

Bring something for the altar – herbs, a crystal, or a photo of a loved one – bring whatever you feel inspired to include.  

It could be a little windy – we’ll see – so have layers of clothing available.  Bring snacks for after ceremony sharing.

Be at the Bodega Head parking lot by no later than 8:15AM – we’re walking out to the cliff site at 8:20AM.




Join our world-wide community on November 7th by lighting a fire for the purification of the waters of life – for our oceans, our rivers, streams and lakes — as well as for the water that makes up our bodies – and also for the cosmic water of life, that flows as the light of the sun and the stars.

We do this fire ceremony to honor the request that Oceanus made of Grandfather – Beautiful Painted Arrow – in recognition that our actions have a direct influence on the well-being of all of Creation.



The “Holiday Season” is fast approaching – and sadly it has become a frenzied feast of consumerism, leaving almost everyone stressed, exhausted, and too keenly aware of wants and needs not met.

The wisdom offered to us by Grandfather Joseph Rael – Beautiful Painted Arrow – is the recognition that every day is a holy day – a “Holiday” – and every season is a gift.

“Every moment is Holy. Every moment is a prayer, every day is Sacred, every season is a gift. Celebrate it all. It is all Holy.” ~ Joseph Rael Beautiful Painted Arrow


This Holiday Season, share the gift of Grandfather’s presence by giving your family and friends a “generator of light” – a full-size 16×20 inch fine art reproduction, suitable for framing, to enhance the lives of everyone who sees it. Joseph’s art is not static – these pieces are energetically active, and bring a tremendous flow of life enhancing energy into the lives of all who live with them – they truly are a gift.

And they make a perfect gift!

The quality is exceptionally high – these could easily be sold for hundreds of dollars – and the $30 each price (shipping in the USA included) is a token that doesn’t even cover the hard costs. Everyone involved in this offering is donating their time and energy in gratitude to Grandfather.

Please send your order to Carol Beem, 6813 E 47th PL, Tulsa, OK 74145 with your check payable to Joseph Rael. Carol will send your poster to you and will forward the checks to Joseph. This is a way to continue offering support for Joseph’s work.

Contact Carol Beem at carol.beem@att.net with any questions regarding the orders. The posters are $30 each, including shipping in the United States. Shipping to the rest of the world would cost a little extra – Carol will help you figure that out.

Mother Time

This is a celebration of Mothers, and the seasons of life. Joseph teaches an ancient concept: that inside each of us we’re a mother/father person. And, at a certain age – he says 55 – we spiritually become both. He adds: “If the world were to end, except for one individual, everything would be recreated from that one person – because we are everything and nothing.”


Altar of the Mountain Lion – Mossa-neh

There is an ancient tradition that if the grandfather did something and didn’t finish, the grandson would finish it. Joseph tells a story about his grandfather taking a fresh killed deer from the Wooden Cross Mountain hunting ground, because it was winter in 1937 and the people in the Pueblo were hungry. Then, in 1980, Joseph was hunting in the same mountain area, with the elder who had been hunting that day with his grandfather. A deer offered itself, and he shot it, but instantly he heard that he was not to touch it – he offered a little cornmeal, and left it for the great grandchildren of the mountain lion his grandfather had taken the deer from.

A week later, while building a sweat lodge in Tulsa, a man approached Joseph, saying that he had a dream that instructed him to give Joseph a special mountain lion’s paw that he had. This confirmed that the offering Joseph had left had been received. Joseph suggests that we look at our lives and see where we might be completing the work of our ancestors.

He says, “Don’t worry about it! But it can help us understand how life can seem a little crazy!” Joseph adds: “This is now the time of the cat.”



Apple just announced that Joseph Rael’s masterpiece book “Sound – Native Teachings and Visionary Art of Joseph Rael” is now available as an iBook for all Apple computer users.

Previously this new interactive format was only available for iPad and iPhone users, and it has attracted world-wide interest because it includes the brilliant presentation of Joseph’s art, along with links to Joseph singing, chanting, drumming and story telling. The vibration of Grandfather infuses this new iBook format, and if you can use an Apple computer, this book is available on iTunes for $12.99.

To purchase one of the final few of the original hardcover art collector’s edition, go to http://josephrael.org.

Please feel free to contact me at francis@shamanzone.com. And go to http://shamanzone.com for more videos of Grandfather, Joseph Rael – Beautiful Painted Arrow.



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